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Thought leadership and positioning the CEO as the brand

B2B Companies often miss the concept of projecting the CEO as a thought leader of brand ambassador. To build a successful B2B brand you need to relate personal brands (i.e. the CEO) with the overarching organizational brand. 

For example, Elon Musk has done so well in attaching his personal brand to the organization’s brand. This is the case with Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg as well. They built their own personal brand through thought leadership and insights-led content from their own voice and then layered their company’s brand on top of it. This adds a level of significance, credibility, and personal touch when you talk about the associations that people make with a brand.

In many ways, CEOs have risen to a mascot level for their companies. They integrate their knowledge to drive their company’s objectives –  this is what thought leadership is. 

The brand takes on a bigger meaning when it is attached to a thought leader which ultimately improves the company’s brand value.

What’s the practicality of projecting the CEO as a brand?  

Certainly, a local law firm or an engineering firm would not be at the Bezos level, but the lead attorney or the principal architect of an architectural firm can absolutely build a personal brand and position him or herself as a thought leader, adding much significance to the firm’s brand.

The thought leadership approach actually works quite well in a more localized market because there is a more human aspect to them. Customers feel like “I know this person or they’re near me, or they know us better because they’ve been in our shoes.”

The reality is that thought leadership is not even about the CEO him or herself, it’s more about the value that leader adds to people’s lives with his or her expertise.

Consider putting together a thought leadership approach to build your brand. It’s a solid strategy to build your company’s brand, and earn the trust of your customers. 

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