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Convert larger, more profitable accounts

Blueprint helps sales and marketing teams become more than just lead generators. We help B2B companies close larger accounts and produce more revenue.

Our Account-Based Marketing solutions help B2B companies accelerate revenue production by restructuring sales development, scaling pipeline velocity, and targeting high value accounts.

Sales teams waste valuable time on outdated processes. Statistics show that 50% of sales time is wasted on prospecting that is unproductive, and only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.

The ultimate goal of all B2B sales teams should be to improve sales productivity, automate marketing, nurture larger accounts, accelerate the sales pipeline, and close bigger deals faster. 

Blueprint difference: Unlike the typical B2B marketing agency, we don’t focus on demand generation. Leads alone will not turn into revenue generating customers. Instead, we’re purely focused on orchestrating a scalable ABM playbook that targets high value accounts that will close.

The #1 factor in B2B growth and revenue production starts with both sales and marketing teams being aligned around accounts that are the highest and best fit for the business. This is where pipeline acceleration begins. 

Our objective is to help our clients grow faster so that they can achieve their business goals whether it’s to expand the market, raise more capital, or acquire other businesses.

90-Day ABM Pilot Campaign

ABM Pilot

ABM is a strategic approach to expand into new markets, lines of business or even restructure your entire sales process. The best way to test the waters before going into full deployment mode is to start with an ABM pilot.

The pilot allows you to test processes and procedures, define metrics, secure cross-functional alignment across departments, determine where the company faces gaps, and show the value of ABM before committing all of the needed resources. 

Blueprint will kickoff your ABM pilot by identifying a few strategic accounts for a 1-to-1 approach. Since the pilot is a shorter run of the typical sales cycle, we’ll define project goals with the metrics that we have the ability to control in a short time frame. From kickoff to liftoff, we’ll get it done in 90 days.

The ultimate guide to B2B sales acceleration and
revenue growth in 90 days or less

As A Service

The broad strategy of an ABM pilot campaign is this: Pick your most relevant, high-value target accounts, and begin marketing to them. More granularly, the part of the process should address the following…
Duration: A pilot campaign should be given between four and six months in order to determine if the current strategy is feasible and capable of results. With our agency at the helm, you can expect to see results on the earlier side of the timeline.
Team and Roles: This may be a pilot campaign, but that doesn’t mean the whole team shouldn’t be involved. From the beginning, marketing and sales should partner hand in hand, participating in cyclical communication throughout the program.

Blueprint helps B2B companies grow via one of 3 paths:
acquisition, acceleration, or expansion.

Content Marketing

Goals and KPIs: Normally, your ABM goals should be in line with your revenue goals. The limited length of a pilot program often means determining different ways to gauge success. These smaller goals can include: conversations and engagement, reach within an account, and new opportunities. The ABM Agency will work directly with your team to agree on what these goals should be and how they will inform a larger ABM campaign.
Your Targets: A rule of thumb for identifying targets for an ABM pilot campaign is to start with 10 accounts. These should be decided upon with significant input from the sales team; use their account information to determine opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell within existing accounts. Additionally, pull information from previously lost accounts, those who have been good prospects in the past.

Marketing Automation

You may know how you want to approach your ABM pilot campaign, but your tech stack is what’s going to help get you there.
While a pilot campaign doesn’t require a five-figure tech stack, it does need tools to support the marketing efforts. Our team will audit what you currently have and what’s absolutely necessary to run a pilot. From there, we’ll help you identify what type of technology you want to invest in later—and your ABM results will help support that larger investment in resources.
See the eight tools we recommend having in your tech stack for a larger omnichannel ABM campaign.

Target High Value

An ABM pilot may utilize fewer channels or go after fewer target accounts, but you will still need engaging, informative assets to drive performance within the sales funnel. You might already have a bank of content to use, but these need to be customized per account and, if you’re running 1:1 ABM, by target within the account’s buying committee.
Not sure your in-house team has the bandwidth for an ABM pilot? Our copywriters and graphic designers are at the ready to help strategize and create assets you will need—from white papers to landing pages to display ads.
See examples of our work here.

ABM Sales

After we’ve outlined a thorough strategy, set up your ABM tools, and thoughtfully prepared your assets, our experts will build out all relevant campaigns, including: programmatic, paid search, content marketing, and paid social.

Pipeline Acceleration

The launch of your first ABM pilot campaign is exciting, but there’s no grand finale or finish line. Our agency will constantly monitor performance and optimize where necessary. When it comes to reporting, our dashboards provide actionable insight into where accounts are in the sales funnel and the performance of creative.

Interested in launching a 1:few ABM campaign? Schedule a demo with our team today​

Interested in launching a 1:few ABM campaign? Schedule a demo with our team today​