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A lot of your challenges or problems in your business can be tied back to your brand or the failure to establish one. That's because you're an expert in your business - the operations, systems, and market - but you're not an expert in branding yet you're likely sabotaging your brand by not having a strategy.

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The average B2B brand looks a little something like this:

The business feels good about the imagery (e.g. logo, color palette, tagline). You understand who your audience is and have segmented them well enough (hopefully). You have an overall strategy for pursuing your audience, which may include sales, direct outreach, general communications (i.e. newsletter, email marketing). And you have an ad hoc approach to your social media and your digital strategy. Lastly, you probably experiment with Facebook ads, and you burn through your budget with, perhaps, some leads, but nothing significant enough.

Perhaps, this process works for your business, but this is certainly not a strategic approach to building brand and scaling awareness so that it ultimately drives business impact. This is a big fail!

5 Strategies to Building a Brand:

1. Create thought leadership.

Building thought leadership allows a business to tap into in-house talent, passion, innovation and community participation to position as a source of authority in your respective industry or for your target customer. In other words, thought leadership humanizes your brand and drives organic lead generation.

2. Focus less on the business and more on the customer.

A lot of B2B marketing is self serving and treats the branding process like job interviews. The business sells itself by talking about its qualifications and track record and really only just pushing its own agenda. Successful relationships are bi-directional. Otherwise, you fail in placing the focus on the customer.

3. Become a content factory.

Content is sorely undervalued especially in the B2B space. The moment that a company truly understands the role that content plays in building brand will be a game changing pivot from that point on. That’s because everything you’ll do moving forward will be about creating value for your customers through content.

4. Add value to your customers without expecting anything in return.

Rethink what your brand means to your customer. Instead, become an educational brand or act like a media company. The former builds trust by wanting nothing more than to enhance your customer’s understanding of the entire universe of your product/service from front to back, top to bottom. The latter creates authority by being the voice in your respective industry. Either way, both drive brand value back to business impact and creates an organic selling machine.

5. Brand your CEO.

Involving the CEO in building brand adds a human face to the company. Customers usually do not trust faceless companies. So by having CEOs share their expertise and actively engage with the buying community, the company stands to gain more credibility. What’s more, the CEO needs to craft a sharp expert voice to provide thought provoking insight that will enhance the company’s authority in its respective market.

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