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Our agency got a call by a mid-size law firm that was struggling to grow awareness in their niche. They did everything to promote the firm and attract more clients, including Facebook ads and PPC, social media, PR, webinars, etc. Nothing worked, and two other competing firms with greater market share and scale seemed to attract the biggest clients.

You're selling the wrong thing

Too much me, me, me

You haven't built brand

You're selling the wrong thing

Too much me, me, me

You haven't built brand

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The average B2B brand looks a little something like this:

The business feels good about the imagery (e.g. logo, color palette, tagline). You understand who your audience is and have segmented them well enough (hopefully). You have an overall strategy for pursuing your audience, which may include sales, direct outreach, general communications (i.e. newsletter, email marketing). And you have an ad hoc approach to your social media and your digital strategy. Lastly, you probably experiment with Facebook ads, and you burn through your budget with, perhaps, some leads, but nothing significant enough.

Perhaps, this process works for your business, but this is certainly not a strategic approach to building brand and scaling awareness so that it ultimately drives business impact. This is a big fail!

3 Strategies We Used for the Law Firm:

1. We reversed engineered their target clients.

We helped the law firm drill down to the highest valued potential clients and then created a demand generation strategy to pursue the clients. Our marketing strategy treated each client as its own market.

2. We made the law firm a content factory.

We created high value content personalized for each target client and leveraged emails, targeted ads, website personalization and other strategies to scale awareness and influence the prospect.

3. We positioned the firm's partners as thought leaders.

The two competing firms had high profile partners. So we knew that we had to create a CEO brand for our client firm. We did so by creating thought leadership and positioning the partners as experts.

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3 Mistakes Most CEOs Make In Their Businesses:

1. They don't leverage content for building brand.

Content is sorely undervalued especially in the B2B space. The moment that a company truly understands the role that content plays in building brand will be a game changing pivot from that point on. That’s because everything you’ll do moving forward will be about creating value for your customers through value content.

2. A demand generation strategy doesn't exist.

Most companies think of lead generation as simply a function of the sales team. Instead, lead generation should always start with a demand generation campaign that consists of a series of strategies, tactics, campaigns, and assets to attract new customers, convert quality leads, and increase consumer awareness and interest.

3. The CEO hasn't created a brand.

A business that drives thought leadership has a far better chance of driving brand awareness over the competition. Thought leadership should be planned across the company and definitely at the very top with the CEO. By having CEOs share their expertise and actively engage with the buying community, the company stands to gain more credibility. What’s more, the CEO needs to craft a sharp expert voice to provide thought provoking insight that will enhance the company’s authority in its respective market.



The law firm was also using Facebook ads for its lead generation campaign since the pandemic halted networking events. We were blown away by how much they spent on ads in 1 month with $0 return.


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The Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet helps you see what you're doing wrong in your Facebook ads and social media marketing. Just like the law firm that we were able to help, the common theme across small businesses is that ad campaigns aren't optimized for the end goal.

Check out the free Cheat Sheet to compare your Facebook ad campaigns and social media strategy to see what improvements you can make.

3 Mistakes You're Making on Facebook ads

These were the first mistakes we identified for the law firm after they called us. Are you wasting your time on social media with these same mistakes? Hint: these are not just Facebook mistakes...they're also branding mistakes.

1. You're selling the wrong parts of your business.

We notice that many small businesses tend to push their products and services instead of focusing their ad creatives on what problems the audience is having. For example, the law firm isn't selling legal services. Yes, technically they are, but the real value that a client is purchasing is peace of mind, and that's the biggest fix that we made to the law firm's messaging strategy. Speaking to the peace of mind of choosing the right attorney yielded much higher ad conversion than when the messaging was just about legal services.

2. Your marketing is too self serving.

If you were to scroll through the last 50 posts on your social media pages and the last few emails and newsletters, would most of the content be about the company's services or would it be about your clients and their needs? Chances are that it would be all about the company and less about the client, and that was another mistake that we had to fix for the law firm.

3. Your objectives are not clear.

Your ads could be a CRM campaign, lead generation, brand awareness, or website traffic and the objective should be reflected in your ad copy, creative, messaging, and even ad bidding strategy.

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