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Most B2B Brands Suck!

And if yours doesn't, you're likely under leveraging demand generation to drive leads, acquire more customers, and increase revenues.

Sign up for a 90-day Brand Restructure

We'll recreate your entire marketing system, restructure your brand strategy, help you reposition and create a messaging plan, and provide step-by-step implementation plan. The system focuses on 4 goals:

A strategic marketing plan for how to scale awareness & generate new business.
A branding plan to reposition the business more competitively.
A sales & lead generation system that connects to the marketing strategy.
A process for distributing content each & every day.

Here's how it works...

Decide whether or not you want Blueprint to design the entire system and strategy for you and deliver a practical implementation plan OR if you would prefer to be guided in how to develop your company's plan on your own.

Option 1: Do It With Us

We guide you through the process of creating it yourself.


$ 297

Good if you need budget flexibility or have dedicated marketing staff that can take the lead.

You answer a series of questions & scenarios
You answer a series of questions & scenarios
You complete assignments in each phase of the process
You submit all of the questions, scenarios, assignments, etc
We review your responses and put it all together into a strategic plan with timelines and milestones. We hand it off to you to do it yourself.
**No strategy calls are scheduled with this solution

Option 2: We Do It For You

We build out the entire strategy for you and teach you the plan.


$ 997

997 Great if you need a complete overhaul of your marketing system or don't have the time to take this on in-house.

You answer a series of initial questions & scenarios
We schedule a Phase 1 strategy call where current assets and performance data is discussed and collected
We build the entire marketing strategy in alignment with your sales, revenues, and growth goals
We create the project plan with marketing tasks, content themes, social media, and lead generation strategy
We create a detailed plan for implementing marketing systems into your business with timelines, milestones, and a staff plan
We send the entire strategy document for your review and refine as needed
We schedule a Phase 2 action call on how to implement the plan step-by-step

The average small business has no

Brand Strategy!!!


Most small businesses stunt their growth potential because marketing is either ad hoc and they haven't focused on building brand. How do we know? If you're building brand the right way, you would be the competitor that other businesses are struggling to catch up to.

We can help fix your marketing headaches. Choose the Self-Starter or Advanced Strategy to get started.