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Accelerate Sales Growth By
Reengineering Your Sales Process

Blueprint helps sales teams scale success faster and become more effective by restructuring

the functions of the sales team to be better aligned with the marketing team.

Sales Audit

Selling is not an art form; it's a system. And your sales team doesn't need more training. They need to eliminate the tasks that should be lead by marketing and reduce bottlenecks that could be slowing down sales opportunities.


Salespeople should only be focused on closing deals and not on prospecting or relationship management. We restructure the process to align marketing to play a more active role in the sales process.


Reengineering requires a systems design approach that creates an organizational process for sales and the role that each function within the organization plays from marketing to customer experience.


The focus here is to create a turn-key sales process that focuses on volume and speed that will drive sales acceleration faster and for larger accounts.

Sales Audit

Sales process mapping

Our goal is to eliminate steps in the process that should not be a function of the sales team. We'll evaluate the entire process from the moment that the sales team interacts with a lead or sales opportunity all the way through the close or until a lead goes stale.

Sales vs Marketing KPIs

Sales is from Mars. Marketing is from Venus. And as a result, they don't often share the same KPIs. Marketing's true role is revenue production. Brand related activities are secondary. Yet, most marketing teams overwhelmingly focus on brand communications. So we'll evaluate performance metrics for both sales and marketing and identify points of parity and where they are out of alignment.


How does your organization define the qualities of a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and the hand off to the sales team for Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)? Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales [Gleanster Research]. Our goal is to restructure how marketing defines that a lead is ready to advance to sales so that the sales team's only role is to close the deal. Again, marketing is responsible for lead nurturing - not sales.

Sales enablement analysis

What does your sales stack consist of? How comprehensive is your team's sales enablement process? What are your channels of sales distribution?

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing roles

If the sales audit finds that your sales and marketing team is not fully integrated and that there's a lack of common KPIs between the two or that leads are being handed off pre-maturely, then our first order of business is redefine the responsibility of each task, role, and function. We'll also restructure your marketing team to be more focused on revenue production. Our philosophy is that marketing should be a profit center and not a cost center.

Customer journey survey

Our goal is to survey existing customers to understanding their buying process and identify your organization's value proposition so that we can streamline and refine the customer journey and inject a stronger value proposition at each point in the journey. We also want to clearly define what the ideal customer profile is and the types of target accounts to pursue.

Target account identification

Your sales and marketing teams should both work together to identify the highest value target accounts to pursue. The goal here should be scale and velocity - the accounts that will create the biggest impact to the business and that we can create a clear plan to win. We'll build the ideal customer profile by geography, segment, and vertical; adapt the value proposition per segment and buyer; set a criteria for account selection and disqualification; and work with your team to categorize and personalize accounts in three tiers.

ABM orchestration

Your goal with ABM should be to accelerate revenue growth in pursuit of larger business objectives whether it's to expand into new markets or grow lines of business. We will use all of the intelligence gathered thus far to develop an ABM playbook that includes the martech stack, data management, ABM approach, account planning, integrated KPIs, and when a target account qualifies to move forward to deal close and be handed off to the sales team.

Process Design

Go-to-Market strategy

GTM uses systems design thinking to create the sales and marketing process, respectively. If needed, we will redefine what constitutes a lead.

Account-Based Everything

Your sales process should be an organizational process and not a personal process. In other words, it requires a top to bottom Account-Based Everything (ABX) approach that aligns sales, marketing, customer experience, tech, operations, etc. Our perspective is that every function should share the responsibility for sales and revenue growth and not just the sales team.

Sales enablement

This consists of channel selection, campaign deployment, distribution strategy, content development, sales and win themes, marketing plan development, CRM implementation, lead scoring model, etc.

Performance measurement

It's important to test everything, including account engagement metrics, channel penetration, pipeline analytics, MQL metrics, etc.

sales restructure

Sales Velocity

Improve conversion rates

The faster you sell, the better. Our goal here is to find, target, and nurture sales-ready leads. It's the responsibility of the marketing team to double up on lead nurturing and ensuring that the lead is ready and able to close before sales takes over.

Demand generation playbook

We'll develop a demand generation strategy to increase the number of qualified opportunities that come through the pipeline while also keeping an eye on deal size.

Pipeline acceleration

The goal is to shorten the sales cycle and move deals through the pipeline much faster in order to increase sales velocity.

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