B2B Account Based Marketing Agency

The ultimate guide to B2B sales acceleration and revenue growth in 90 days or less

With Account Based Marketing, it’s not about leads but about targeting high value accounts and personalizing how you nurture the account.

Need ABM help? In-house vs Agency

The best approach is to start with a clean slate with an audit that maps each function of your existing sales process to where it should fit within the ABM funnel. The audit identifies deficiencies and where, if any, the process has any bottlenecks that could be slowing down sales velocity. This process also reassigns sales functions that should really be shared with the marketing team and creates a structure for organizational alignment by functional area. This is the approach that Blueprint takes.

A 3 step approach to creating an ABM playbook

If you’re looking at the new way of “doing” B2B marketing, implementing an ABM approach is a must. ABM is a newer way of “doing” B2B marketing. No doubt it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies that are here to stay. By using the 3-phased approach, one can implement ABM in a B2B environment.

ABM: Tactics & Tech

Technically, there are 4 key components to the ABM framework. These include your website (of course), the CRM technology and process, marketing automation, and the lead qualification and handoff process. 

ABM: The real driver of B2B business growth

ABM aligns marketing and sales teams to focus time and resources on accounts that are most likely to drive revenue. It increases close rates, speeds up pipeline velocity, generates traction in named accounts, and ultimately produces more revenue. ABM inherently forces strategic alignment from the onset.