B2B Account Based Marketing Agency

How to align the brand with ABM

An effective ABM process requires brand integration so that the points of engagement, content strategy, and the account nurturing process have a cohesive narrative and selling proposition. You can certainly proceed with ABM without having a strategic brand strategy in place, but at some point, you’ll be forced to revisit how the brand aligns with the ABM playbook when it’s clear that there’s a message disconnect somewhere along the funnel.

The role that content plays in ABM

Content plays a big role. What buyers search, what they see, what they hear on social media, the information they download, people they talk to, all of this takes place before talking with a salesperson.

ABM vs Demand Generation: Which do you think your company is stronger in?

Demand generation is a process to create inbound demand, and oftentimes, the process includes demand capture. In the B2B setting, demand generation has started to take a backseat to Account-Based Marketing (ABM), though both can work side by side, albeit serving different purposes.

Sales funnel vs ABM funnel: The key differences

In B2B marketing, funnels closely link marketing to sales. However, the ABM funnel focuses on accounts instead of leads.